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Medi Help Line is a Global Healthcare Outsourcing Company providing Regulatory Affairs Service and Clinical Research Service to pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Since its establishment in 1998, Medi Help Line has become systematic and integrated professional company. Over 24 years, it has gained an extensive experience of medical devices, new drug products and health functional foods by conducting and doing various projects on them and studying on registration system of many developed countries such as the U.S., European countries and Japan.

Medi Help Line is currently providing a “Real Total Package Service” from the consulting service for research and development strategy to the outsourcing services including MFDS IND/NDA, Clinical Operation, Data management/Bio-statistics, Post-NDA, HIRA listing and KGMP.

Based on the accurate understanding of regulations and know-how from broad experience of various cases, Medi Help Line provides customized services. Moreover, it highly desires to contribute to improvement of regulations by directly participating in several law agencies and government policy issues.

Furthermore, in order to become an utmost Global Health Care Outsourcing Company, Medi Help Line will keep putting a lot of efforts to provide satisfying service for domestic pharmaceutical and medical device companies to expand into the U.S., Europe and China and developing effective and efficient IT programs.

Please give us your continued interest and support.


Thank you.



Ok Nam Park. 


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